After spending five seasons running for his life and being made the scapegoat for a Houston Texans organization that just doesn’t seem to know how to put a winning team on the field, quarterback David Carr was free to decide where to resurrect his career.
He made a great choice picking the Carolina Panthers.

When he was released by the Texans, Carr had said he was interested in being a starter again. With the Panthers, he will be a backup behind Jake Delhomme but couldn’t be in a better situation.

There are currently four teams that would have given him his best chance to start, the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins. Of the four, the Vikings and Dolphins were the teams that reportedly the most interested in the 27-year-old former first overall draft pick out of Fresno State.

All four teams struggled in pass protection last season, which was a major problem for Carr in Houston (he was sacked 249 times over five seasons) and would not have been a good situation for him. Chances are, he would have been the starter and continued to struggle much like he did for the Texans.

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The Seattle Seahawks also were reportedly interested in Carr as a back up to starter Matt Hasselbeck. But, while working with coach Mike Holmgren might have been beneficial for him, he would have been in a situation where he would have seen little to no playing time. He also ran the risk of being the third quarterback on the depth chart after Seneca Wallace performed well in four starts last season.

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In Carolina, he gets the best of both worlds. He’s playing for an organization that has a 37-27 record over the past four seasons with two appearances in the NFC title game and one Super Bowl appearance during that time period. And, playing as a back up, he is giving himself a chance to regroup a bit and work on relearning his fundamentals behind an offensive line that has given up 67 less sacks over the past three seasons.

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And, despite the Panthers’ assurances, Delhomme’s job is far from secure. After making the Pro Bowl following the 2005 season, Delhomme threw just 17 touchdowns last season, his lowest total since joining the team in 2003. If he struggles in 2007, Carr might get a chance to replace him.

The Houston Texans might have questioned his decision making ability but this is one decision he didn’t get wrong.


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