With the 2021 baseball season coming up, it is important to learn about baseball and to actually get into it this year. Learning how to get into baseball is pretty easy, and you’ll really enjoy the fact that you can enjoy baseball in 2021.
1.) The first way to get into baseball is to learn about baseball. Learning about baseball is quick and easy. Pick up a guide on it, such as the “Idiot’s Guide to Baseball,” or just get a good friend to teach you about the rules. Now that you know how the basics of the game work, you are already a step further on the way to getting into baseball.

2.) The next step in getting into baseball is to pick a team. Whatever you do, don’t pick a team just because your friends are fans or they won the Series last year. I have seen more Red Sox and White Sox fans pop up in the last few years than anything. You can ask most of these people how long they have been fans, and they will reply something to the effect of “A couple of years.” These are what we sports fans call “bandwagoners,” and it is the worst thing to be. Jumping on a sports bandwagon right after the team wins the World Series is the most disgusting thing in the world to a true baseball fan. Pick your team based on who you like, and stick with them. You may want to pick a team that you will be able to visit a few times a season, so that you can go watch some of the games in person. Also, try to pick a team that you can listen to on the radio or watch on TV at least a few times a week.

3.) Stay with that team. Again, this goes back to that bandwagoner statement. This is more of a “fair-weather fan” aspect, though. Don’t ditch your team when the going gets rough. You have to stay with them to get into the game. If you just switch around from team to team depending on who is doing the best, you will never get into baseball.

4.) The next step to getting into baseball is to learn your team. Learn the players, managers, coaches, rotations, and even stats. Know who your players are, where they’re from, how long they have been in the game, and how good they are. Know what position they play and even their number. This will make you feel like you know your team, and you will definitely get into the game of baseball more if you know the people you are watching or listening to.

5.) Watch your team as much as possible. If they are on TV, watch them. If you get a chance to go to the game, go. Listen to the team if you have to. But, whatever you do, make sure you know what is going on with your team. Your team’s website will actually allow you to use a game tracking function that will let you watch the game with very little detail. This is, however, better than nothing. Knowing what’s going on with your team will make baseball much more interesting.

6.) Watching with a friend can make you want to watch baseball even more. I enjoy watching baseball with friends so that we can share views on the game and enjoy the game even more. Good luck this season, and try to get into the great game of baseball

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