Soccer Coaching Drills

I wonder what is it about soccer coaching drills that makes kids so keen on it. Kids look at these drills as an opportunity to have pleasure and not just a sport. So it becomes a sort of challenge for a coach to make youth soccer drills so interesting that kids just cannot wait to get to the field.
You can achieve it using a range of methods. Encourage them to contest with each other by including lot of fun drills, and games in the soccer drills. You must understand that soccer is a team-game. Consequently, add playoffs that cheer the players to keep the team spirit alive.

One of the best soccer coaching strategies to get started with kids is fun soccer conditioning. It has the effect of directing their energy and keeping them focused on the game.

You can start with the kids doing a short round of jogging to enable them to warm their bodies up. But make sure they don’t overexert themselves. Since kids are a power house of energy, they may easily get overboard without realizing their limit. Small breaks are necessary in between. Kids will therefore stay fresh and ready to go anytime. Take the time to engage with them by talking about the following work outs.

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The players should be then grouped or given individual tasks. For instance, let the player who arrives first to juggle the ball. He is joined by players who then arrive in a specific order. Like this, the entire group does the same activity. If the number of players increases in a group, it is best to make subgroups for the soccer coaching drills.

There are other productive and interesting activities such as soccer golf where the players can aim to hit a distant object. Another cool game is soccer volleyball where the players toss the ball at each other without letting it get to the ground. These soccer coaching exercises add interest and enjoyment to the practice sessions.

In addition, teach the players to dribble with the ball as also use different body parts except hands. Do not be aggressive. Remember that they are kids and will learn with time. As the ball approaches the player, shout the name of the body part that you want the player to use in trapping it. Then the player needs to bring into play only that body part. This helps them concentrate on it.

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Another aspect of fun drills is circuit training. It pays a lot with large number of players. It is recommended to divide the players into tiny batches and involve them in great many activities. They should do these continuously with small breaks in-between.

Put these to the test right away. Soccer drills can be made extremely interesting by your imagination and creation of new activities.

Now that you have learnt these fun soccer coaching drills, take these to the kids and let them enjoy their sessions in the field. You can benefit from the mass of resources and tips available on our youth soccer coaching community pages by joining it.


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