Reverb Pedal

Reverb units are very special effects. I think you will find that most guitar players use some sort of reverb at any given time during the course of a live set. Reverb can make your guitar really be convincing in life and enhance the heart of your tone. This effect can smooth out edginess and create a euphoric overtone for the entire feel that a band is attempting to put forth. This effect is perhaps the single most sought after and important one for guitarists worldwide. As you could have guess, Electro Harmonix offers the Holy Grail Reverb unit for a fraction of the cost that other companies are asking. The beautiful thing about their processor is that it is basic in functionality but widely complex in sound and personality. This is actually a pedal that I have owned for years and I feel confident that I will never get rid of because of the compelling nature of it’s sound. This is a reverb pedal that sounds unlike any others.
The pedal operates in a highly simplistic fashion. You have a switch selector that can rest in one of three modes. These are Spring, Hall, and Flerb. Sitting beside the switch you will see just a single knob. This is the Reverb knob that allows you to change the amount of wet or dry signal within each setting. Spring will offer a sound that is not unlike the true spring reverb tanks in amps like classical Fenders. These are genuine sounding and as sincere as it gets within a tiny pedal. Hall brings you to a massive cathedral corridor where your playing has an echo that one can only fantasize. The dreaminess of the Hall section allows listeners to be transported to another world with it’s drifting richness and soft delivery. Flerb is perhaps my favorite effect. Here you can actually have the fusion of reverb and flange in one preset. This could be cheesy and lame and while I first was reluctant and laughed at the idea, I couldn’t keep my hands off of it after I tried it for the first time.

This is one of the most solid reverb units ever created. For just $120 brand new, there is no reason you shouldn’t have this one attached to your board for life.


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