“It comes with the territory”
I have had my fair share of experiences with professional athletes both football and basketball. When I was younger it was the allure of dating “him” the excitement to be able to see your player boyfriend on television. You love him and there he is. The whole world cheering him on while you watch him make his moves on the screen. So close yet so far away. I was advised when I first started dating an athlete that it comes with the territory meaning that it should be expected and understood that he will do as he pleases-because he can. It’s as if the wives and girlfriends sign an unspoken contract that they will support their man no matter what including even when he is cheating. This doesn’t vibe well with me. Is it written in an NFL or NBA contract that just because millions of groupies desire you that you must indulge and sample every last one? It’s almost used as an excuse if some of the most beautiful women in the world want to sleep with you it’s expected they throw caution to the wind and devour. It all comes down to personal responsibility and self discipline when it comes to commitment. We are all presented with situations while in a relationship that would enable us to stray. The true test of character is whether you hold yourself to a high moral standard. Perhaps it’s a self fulfilling prophecy that we believe it’s expected that they cheat, and we accept it so they do it.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Player

We read stories of groupies all the time but what about the forgotten girlfriends and wives who really support their men in so many ways? Someone has to ice his knees down when they are aching and massage his back when it’s tense. Helping to study a playbook thousands of pages long was a task for someone who lacked discipline. When all the money and the fame fades away someone will be there to still let him know he is a shining star. I was even responsible for helping “him” gather his birth certificate and all, and look over his contract before he signed it. You see, he literally had nothing when they recruited him. He stayed in the basement of his Grandmother’s home who had raised him. He had no car, job, and limited clothing. All he had was a failed college career because of his grades and an awesome run in Indy. The NFL team in Pittsburgh offered him a 5 million dollar contract over 7 years, if I remember correctly, and he got money for practices, signings, etc. I took him to the airport so he could fly out soon after he signed his contract and I was promised the world. He got to Pittsburgh and my daughter and I visited him several times while he had training camp. The relationship failed miserably because he succumbed by cheating in every way with the young females who would worship his stature. Reality is he doesn’t even get much playing time seeing as he is behind Willie Parker. Which shows even the players lowest on the totem pole can still pull females based on status. How quickly they forget those who have really done for them before the fame hit.

What did you expect?

Many people ask what you can really expect from high earning young men who seem to have it all. I suppose this will be answered when the NFL and NBA players learn what to expect from themselves. When they realize their risky endeavors with groupies will either end in abuse, diseases, illegitimate children, or worse. They may change their behavior when something brings their heads from the clouds. They will find all that glitters is not gold, and seek out a serious relationship. When you find a larger purpose in life than serving yourself you lifestyle will change.


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