Without very little doubt, hitting the lob wedge is one of the most exciting shots in golf. Hit it well and you’re looking at a tap in birdie. Hit it poorly and you could very well be looking at high numbers.
If you’re a fan of the PGA Tour, you’ve no doubt watched Phil Mickleson hit lob wedges from all around the greens. He is arguably the best short game player in golf right now. I’ve seen him hit so many high arcing wedge shots that seem to stop on a dime when they hit the green. Well, it’s one thing to watch one of the best golfers in the world hit shots like that, but quite another for the weekend golfer to do the same thing. Before you get too intimidated though, here are some tips to help you begin hitting this all important shot. With a little practice you’ll be surprised at how well you pick up on it.

Grip – To start with, you want a weaker grip for this shot because you want to keep the clubface open so that you can slide the golf club under the ball. If you have too strong of a grip it tends to close the clubface and cause a total miss hit.

Weaken your grip a little by taking your left thumb and pointing it a little counter clockwise instead of straight down on the shaft. This is assuming you are righthanded.

Stance – Naturally, you’re going to want to open up your stance when hitting a lob wedge to help get under the ball. The ball should be lined up with the inside of your left heel. Bend your knees a little and don’t tense up.

Swing – When you begin your backswing, set your wrists as quick as you can. What I mean by that is you want to have the club vertical to the ground when your hands are at the halfway point in your backswing.

The most important part of this shot is to always take a full swing. The natural tendency is to try and steer the shot. Your mind sees that you’re only 15 yards away from the pin and it wants to swing easy. You’re going to have to “commit” to the golf shot. Your brain says to slow down and only take a half swing, but if that happens you’ll be doing good to hit the ball a few feet in front of you. Keep a full swing with a high follow through.

If you will just practice this golf shot out on the practice range using these three basic fundamentals, you will be amazed at how quickly you will begin to start hitting some good golf shots around the green. You’ll start getting confidence in yourself, which always leads to better shot making. Mastering the lob wedge isn’t the easiest to do, but once you get the hang of it you can definitely start lowering your scores out on the golf course.


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