Super Bowl

So you have young kids. There are many things that parents will teach their kids. Whether it is teaching them to be kind, right and wrong, or maybe even not to liter. But one important thing that a parent can teach their kids, that probably is left out of top parenting books is: Football.
Yes, I did say football. Why not teach them to love football while we teach them all the other useful life long attributes. As important as those are, learning the game of football early will be as useful as learning to cook a meal. Knowing a quarterback from the kicker is fundamental.

It is impossible to live in the United States and not see football at some point. Whether you are invited to a Super Bowl party; or you may see the Colts playing on a flat screen at Circuit City; or maybe you are flipping through the channels and see a game playing. The point is, football is everywhere.

Reasons to teach your child early to love Football

  1. They can enter into deep conversations about who will when the super and why.
  2. They will never be laughed at as they are well versed in game plays.
  3. They will always come home–every Saturday and Sunday they will come back home to watch football with you. Can’t beat that.

Ways to teach your child football

Buy Football gear with they are an infant. If they are wearing a particular team from the time they are an infant, they are more likely to support your team.

Have them watch football with you and teach the game from a young age. They will not forget the things you teach them.

Take them to games. There is nothing more fun than getting to go to a real football game. Nothing like it to get the juices pumping and excited; this is a guaranteed way to get the kids loving the game of football.

Get out in the backyard and teach your kids the old fashioned way— do it yourself. There is nothing more fun that playing football with the family. The kids love it, and they learn by actually doing it. The more you play, the more fun they will have, and the more they will learn.


If you have older children, do not despair if they aren’t football lovers. Never give up hope. With Super Bowl just around the corner, you can still make football your kid’s favorite sport. Make them apart of the Super Bowl festivities, and hopefully they will love it as much as the parents (one or both.)


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