NBA Lakers Season

Coming into this season expectations were low for the Los Angeles Lakers, as a combination of factors, including but not limited to an old team playing a condensed schedule, adjusting to a new coaching system and a roster which lost talent in Lamar Odom and gained good role players, but no big name acquisitions.

Yet after ten games the Lakers hold a respectable 6-4 record and are second in the pacific division behind the much improved Los Angeles Clippers, and here’s what we can take from the first ten games.

The Lakers are close to undefeated at home, with a 6-1 record at Staples Center, however need to improve on the road, as they have lost all three games away from home. Thus home court advantage is a big asset for this team.

As of right now, and it should be noted that the season is still young, the Lakers are holding their own and beating the teams arguably at the same level of competition and lower. Getting a 1-1 record against the Nuggets, and beating the Jazz, Knicks, Rockets, Warriors, and Grizzlies.

What can be taken from some of the losses is also of value, the one point loss to the Bulls on opening day proved the Lakers can still compete with the elite teams in the league. The Nine point loss to the kings, can be either downplayed as a game that just didn’t go in favor for the Lakers, or a teams that matches up well against Los Angeles, a Future matchup will reveal this. The loss against the Trail Blazers was a good test as Portland is emerging as one of the best teams in the west, and a future matchup will determine how much progress the Lakers have made with the previously mentioned new coaching system and acquisition of new players.

The good news is the schedule will lighten up for the Lakers, the first ten games were played within fifteen days, with three of the games in a row, a must for every team during this condensed season. The next ten are scheduled within nineteen days. The one factor to look out for, would be how the Lakers do on the road, as five out of the ten games are away from home.

The opponents scheduled will also be a good test for the Lakers, as they will matchup against the Heat, Magic, and twice against the Clippers. Thus, the near future will determine if the Lakers improve on their respectable start to the season.


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