The old saying says “practice makes perfect”. If you want to be a good hitter in baseball it is going to take a lot of practice. There are many batting drills that have proved to be successful at helping batters learn to hit.
The first batting drill helps to improve your power. Some people may think that power is all about how big you are or how much you work out. Really power is about your bat speed. For the power batting drill you need a bat, a baseball tee, a plunger, a flat

basketball or soccer ball and a wall or net to hit into.

What you are going to do for this first batting drill is that you are going to take the plunger turn it upside and place the stick handle inside the hole of the batting tee so the suction part is sticking out. Then you are going to place a flat basketball or soccer ball on the plunger so that it’s like a tee for a bigger sized ball. Then you will practice by hitting the soccer ball or basketball. During this batting drill the speed of your bat will likely decelerate when you hit the ball since it is flat. What you want to do in this batting drill is practicing hitting the ball in such a way that your bat will not be slowed down when it hits the ball. Once you’ve learned how to make sure your bat speed is at its highest when it impacts the ball, you will be able to hit the ball with more power.

The next batting drill will help the batter improve his reaction time at the plate. Take several baseballs and paint them different colors and put them in a bucket on the mound. The pitcher will then take ball from the bucket without the batter seeing what color it is. The pitcher then yells out a color and then pitches the ball. The batter is only to swing if the ball is the color the pitcher yelled (and if the ball is in the strike zone). So if the pitcher yells “blue” and then throws a red ball then the batter must hear the color, see the ball, and decide whether to swing or not. This will help him increase his reaction time.

The third batting drill will help you learn the strike zone so you can recognize when the pitch is a ball and when the pitch is a strike. Basically all you do is have the batter stand at the plate and pitch him some balls. The batter will not swing at a pitch he will simply watch the ball go by and call whether it is a ball or strike. If he is wrong then correct him. After you do this batting drill for a while you will be able to recognize pitches being thrown to you quicker.


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