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How to Choose the Right Size Ski Boots

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Selecting the proper size ski boot is critical for both beginners and experts. If you have read my other article on how to buy ski boots at discount prices, then you may be wondering ho to determine what size ski boot you really should buy. Well sizing ski boots is not that difficult if you follow a few guidelines.
First and foremost, you need to be forewarned that all ski boot companies make boots that are not sized identically. If a size 8 fits in one ski boot, it will not necessarily fit in another boot made by a different company. Likewise, the sizing system used on ski boots will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. For example, some boot makers use U.S. sizes, some use UK sizes, some use mondopoint sizes and some may use a combination of the size categories listed above. All of this adds confusion when selecting ski boots. However, there are some tried and true methods that will give you the best fit in ski boots.

Before starting, you need to remember that ski boots should fit very snug and should contact you foot at all point. Unlike a street shoe which is designed to allow your foot freedom of movement, ski boots are designed to restrict movement in order to provide safety and the performance attributes that are desired. Therefore, don’t be discouraged if the method of selecting the proper size ski boot listed below results in a ski boot that feels too tight. It may take time for you to get used to the ski boot, but it will fit as it was designed to fit.

In sizing ski boots, you first step should be to head off to your local ski shop. Once there, select some ski boots from different manufacturers. Select boots in your shoe size. Remove the inner lining and place your foot inside the ski boot. Make sure your toes are slid up to the front of the ski boot. Once your toes are touching the front of your ski boot, there should be enough room at your heal to fit one to one and half finger in. So there should be about ½ to one inch of space at most at the back of the boot. Preferably, it should be near the ½ inch mark of space left behind your heal.

Now reinsert the ling and try the ski boot on. It will be hard to get on and will feel very snug around your foot. However, as time goes by and the ski boot sees more use, the lining will begin to form to your form and the boot will become looser. By choosing the correctly sized boot, you will be certain that over time the boot will never become dangerously loose and will always offer adequate support.

This method of sizing ski boots will work for nearly every ski boot made. The only other consideration when sizing a ski boot is the width of the footbed. Sometimes the width is listed, other times you will have to ask. Ski boots are normally available is low width, medium width, and wide width. If in doubt, select the medium width ski boot. This will usually offer the best overall fit.

Once you have selected the right size boot, you are ready to make a purchase. Refer to my article on buying ski boots at discount prices for more information on how to get a good deal on the boots that are right for you.



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